Latest Windows Security Updates in PowerShell

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2016)

Microsoft releases Windows updates and security updates every month of second Tuesday to fix the vulnerable’s and loopholes in the Windows server Operating system. The requirement is to find the latest Windows security updates installed with hotfix ID and installation date.

To find the latest installed security update, WMI Class Win32_QuickFixEngineering was helpful to find the relevant security and hotfix installed information.

One line PowerShell  Code

Get-WmiObject -class Win32_QuickFixEngineering | where { (($_.InstalledOn -match '2014') -and ($_.Description -match 'Security')) } | select -property  Description, HotFixID, InstalledOn | Format-Table -AutoSize

Latest Windows Security Updates

I piped the output of Win32_QuickFixEngineering to where-object which finds the matches for installed date, description and more piping to select the properties with formatting output.